Moving its IT into the 21st Century

New Zealand Cricket can focus on its international sporting activities without having to worry about internal IT systems and processes


New Zealand Cricket’s (NZC) payroll solution had become outdated and inefficient.

One of its major issues was its clunky reporting capability, which not only prevented the provision of meaningful data outputs, it had led to inconsistent payroll processes across the entire business.

Datacom approached this challenge with a solution that would allow the total integration of NZC’s wider data stream.

The objective was to combine match data, game codes and payroll cost data into useable, bespoke reports.

The project kicked off in January 2016, and in partnership with TimeFiler and BEG Consulting, was completed within six months.

TimeFiler reinterpreted match stats as payroll data, and BEG managed the SAP financial reporting and game codes. Tying these components into a streamlined solution was a key outcome for the client.

The DataPay payroll application then enabled NZC to automate 95 per cent of its payroll processing, with the system enabling the data capture and manager approval of timesheet and leave data. This removed the laborious manual intervention previously required.

This process also meant NZC could generate its own reports using other elements of the database that are of interest.

In addition, the ‘My Pay’ app allowed all employees, players and contractors to access their payroll details via mobile devices regardless of whether they were at home or offshore.

Feedback from NZC said that while previous experience suggested that a new payroll implementation could be a torturous process, the Datacom experience was different. Implementation was completed quickly and enjoyably.

The solution went live on 23 May 2016 with NZC commenting, “We’ve moved into the 21st century”.