Satisfying an ever-growing appetite

Smart looks and smart logistics help Domino's satisfy its growing customer base

Queensland became home to Australia’s first Domino’s Pizza store in 1983. Domino's Pizza Enterprise is now Australia’s largest pizza chain in terms of both network store numbers and network sales. With more than 2,000 stores across Australia and six other countries, the franchisee has become the largest of the multinational Domino's Pizza brands.

Domino’s is continuously establishing new stores, or refurbishing existing ones when they come out of lease. Each store rollout requires hardware, technical support and field services, such as imaging and asset tagging.

To keep up with its ambitious rollout plans, Domino’s needed a new partner it could trust to help set up stores with up-to-date systems. The objective was clear; the partner needed to find better ways of rolling out its systems to stores. Dominio’s was seeking rollouts that were more efficient, improved logistics – and importantly, performed by a partner that took ownership and pride in its work.

Datacom’s reputation for doing what it takes to achieve customer objectives, saw Domino’s partner with Datacom, recognising the value of a strong partnership.

To optimise service to Domino’s, Datacom selected Lenovo for the major hardware component and Nilsen Electrical for electricians and installation workers across the country.

Lenovo was the best placed to provide the right configuration and innovation to make the stores aesthetically pleasing with their all-in-one monitors. Using these monitors also made the installation easier and provide the additional benefit of national support.

Nilsen Electrical proved to be a great installation partner. Providing an electrician onsite was a key part of the winning formula for Domino’s store rollouts.

The process was a collaborative one, drawing on the unique strengths of each partner. Datacom coordinated the staging, delivery and installation at five trial sites to make sure everything met Domino’s high standards and would also provide opportunities for ongoing improvement. The approach proved highly successful. Over the next three years, Datacom expects to assist Domino’s with 75 to 100 stores each year across Australia and New Zealand.

Datacom’s approach has resulted in more robust processes for store rollouts and reduced some of the risks associated with establishing or refurbishing stores.

By having the accountability, capability and flexibility to go beyond the original scope when necessary, Datacom could ensure work was done right the first time.

Preparing full installation process guides and having the stores pre-imaged and configured helped streamline the process. The cloned design – right down to the colour coding of the cables – has reduced the instances of work to be re-done and the need for ongoing support. The aesthetics of the stores have also been enhanced by around 30 per cent with a cleaner, more modern look and feel.

The level of support provided to Domino’s was lifted from the standard Next Business Day (NBD) service to Lenovo Premier, giving Domino’s a higher priority for service. It also ensured additional spare parts were kept at Lenovo depots, and an onshore technical call centre in Sydney established with a designated onshore technical account manager.

All this ensured issues were dealt with promptly, and Datacom responded to new work at short notice.

These improvements gave Domino’s a high degree of certainty when making business decisions and the overall rollout cost has been reduced between five to ten per cent, per store.

“When Domino’s partnered with Datacom, we went on a journey of discovery together, collaborating the entire way through the five trial sites, resulting in a model of success. The teams that conduct staging, delivery and installation are professional and work towards our ever-growing expectations using a continuous and live improvement model. On behalf of Domino’s and my Retail Services Team I’m extremely pleased with our decision to partner with Datacom. The Domino’s retail environment has benefited from this partnership and will continue to do so into the future.”

Christian Klingner, Retail Services Manager, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises