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Title Date Summary
Title: St Dominic's College, Penrith Date: 16-Feb-2017 Summary: BYOD redefines education for the tech generation
Title: Western Sydney Primary Schools Date: 16-Feb-2017 Summary: Enhancing learning with 3D printing
Title: Marlborough District Council Date: 14-Feb-2017 Summary: Full digital refresh for Marlborough District Council
Title: Kaikoura District Council Date: 14-Feb-2017 Summary: Lean success with the move to Ozone
Title: Gisborne District Council Date: 14-Feb-2017 Summary: Creative partnerships multiply benefits for the Gisborne District Council
Title: Ministry of Education Date: 17-Feb-2016 Summary: National education ‘single customer view’
Title: New Zealand Blood Service Date: 26-Jan-2016 Summary: Enhancing safety in critical services
Title: Department of Health Date: 26-Jan-2016 Summary: Resounding endorsement for ‘as a service’ delivery
Title: Melbourne Business School Date: 22-Jan-2016 Summary: Collaborative design is good business
Title: Lockyer Valley Regional Council Date: 19-Jan-2016 Summary: Lockyer Valley Regional Council online and thriving