ThinkUKnow educates to combat cyber-bullying

Datacom’s work with Internet safety programme, ThinkUKnow, has made the Internet safer for kids.

The Challenge

One in five young Australians aged 8 to 17 experiences cyberbullying each year, according to new research commissioned by the Abbott Government. It was released this year by Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher MP at the National Centre Against Bullying conference.

The research found that the majority of cyber-bullying incidents were dealt with through reporting to a school, with 72 percent of schools reporting at least one incident in 2013.

The Solution

The ThinkUKnow programme works to educate parents, teachers and carers about the risks faced online and provide help in creating a safer online experience for young people. It was developed in partnership with the Australian Federal Police, Microsoft Australia and Datacom and since the programme commenced as a pilot in 2009, more than 28,000 parents, carers, teachers and community members have participated.

ThinkUKnow shows parents and carers how to open the lines of communication and discuss the dangers of the internet. This programme is an essential interactive training opportunity for parents, carers and teachers and an excellent example of what can be achieved when law enforcement and industry work together to ensure those at the frontline of protecting our children online are fully informed and have the tools to do so.

In the past year, the programme has grown to include the partnerships of local law enforcement departments, Neighborhood Watch and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

“Bringing Datacom to the partnership has provided tangible benefits in optimising the booking process, enabling the Australian Federal Police to focus on what they do best, law enforcement.”

Dr. Jenny Cartwright – Coordinator, Crime Prevention, Missing Persons and Strategic Management, High-tech Crime Operations


  • ThinkUKnow Presentations for the first six months of 2014 set a new record with 160 presentations delivered to 4,332 participants. The figures for the 2013/14 financial year were 279 presentations to 8,427 participants, also a new record
  • ThinkUKnow Australia won the online safety programme award for Outstanding Prevention Initiative by National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse (NAPCAN)
  • Datacom contributes 50 hours each month of contact centre time to manage the booking process between schools, law enforcement and industry volunteers. Datacom has 50 registered trained volunteers to deliver the information sessions
  • Datacom’s development team in Kuala Lumpur provides services for the development of the CRM system and geo mapping of volunteers used by the contact centre. The geo-mapping tool has improved the efficiency of identifying volunteers to support a required session by targeting available volunteers within a 25km radius of their home and work